Vision for Incentive Design Studies
 Vision for Incentive Design Studies

Vision for Incentive Design Studies

What follows is our vision for what the world will look like by 2030, with better understanding of incentive design.

A New Academic Discipline

Practice starts with study. We will create an academic discipline that will gather leading thinkers to further humanity’s understanding of how incentives affect behavior and how to apply these learnings to achieve outcomes.
We will recruit post-docs from several related fields to focus their research on incentive design. Their papers and writings and media appearances will shape our collective thinking across fields and form a curriculum embodied as a Masters degree in leading universities.
By 2030 we will have a body of knowledge founded in solid research, a host of graduates from top schools, and jobs within industry and government that put this knowledge into practice.
Keep reading to learn more about the vision we see for the year 2030.
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High impact papers published in major journals


Endowed chairs at major universities


Higher graduating incomes than HBS.

5 & 50

Professors and post-docs sponsored by ID Studies

Annual Incentive Design Conference

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  • 5th annual conference attended by 400 scholars and industry executives
  • Celebrate and recognize grants and awards in field

Effects on Healthcare

$15B saved
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More doctors
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Fewer unnecessary tests
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Better outcomes

Effects on Industry


New jobs


New job families


Invested in non-profit sector


Collaborations (McKinsey, Deloitte, et. al.)
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Effects on Society

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  • 8 Government advisory councils staffed
  • Better environmental regulation

Media Coverage

  • 50 podcast appearances
  • 10 articles in major magazines
  • 5 segments on TV news
  • 1 New York Times Bestseller
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