Our Strategy
Our Strategy

Our Strategy

Find a Leader

Our strategy focuses first on finding a leader of the field.
We are looking for a dynamic leader to help us execute on our vision, and to start by establishing Incentive Design Studies as an academic discipline and well-respected family of jobs across industries.
We expect this person to be a post-doc in a field related to incentive design and with an appropriate background and desire to create a movement that encompasses academia and beyond.
This person likely already has a post in a well-respected university and is actively pursuing research. We will form a non-profit organization to help organize and invest in their efforts, as well as to add some other approaches to accelerate interest in the field.

Possible Ways to Advance

We are considering several other ways that we might help advance the field. Here are a few:
  1. Fund a chair at a university
  1. Sponsor a contest with a prize for breakthrough contributions
  1. Form a community of people researching and applying concepts
  1. Organize a conference for people to collaborate in person
  1. Create a Fellows Program (like MacArthur) to invest in promising individuals
  1. Write evaluations of new laws
  1. Do a media tour, e.g. co-write posts with leading bloggers or create content interesting to mainstream journalists